Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shopping time!!

This weekend I did some damage...my poor bank account hates me now, but I got some really good stuff!

I have been in dire need of some new foundation. I was putting off buying some because I wasn't sure what kind I wanted. So I headed off to Sephora and got some really cool foundation. I asked the lady for "Something light and preferably something mineral" And she brought me this stuff.

This is Camera Ready by Smashbox. It's a 5 in 1! (gotta love those)
Here are all the things that this little guy does
1. Moisturize
2. Prime
3. Perfects skin
4. Protects (SPF 35)
5. Controls Oil

I Love this stuff. It really does everything it says.. I get an air brushed look just by using only this. Even one of my friends said something to me about how nice my skin looked. I have to admit though that I take very good care of my face (ex: washing my face every morning/night, moisturizing, toning, facials, ect.) so I really don't have much to cover on my face...but this foundation works great for me! I was reading on the box that it works great for a primer for your foundation if you like a lot of coverage.

SmashboxCamera Ready, in Light. $40

I did find this product is quite pricey for only 1oz but I just try not to use a lot.

Along with buying new foundation the lady talked me in to a new foundation brush since the one I was using was like 5 years old...yuck!

I picked up this little fella..
Pro Tapered Foundation Brush #58

This brush if much different from your every day foundation brush, this one is special because it has a pointed tip. The tip helps you get in those hard to reach places such as underneath the eyes, between your mouth and nose, and in between your nose and eyes. You can also use the tip for blending away blemishes. If I would have known about this brush when I started wearing make up 10 years ago I would have purchased this a while ago. Again I thought it was a bit pricey as well for $32 but it's high quality and a good investment.

After walking out of Sephora realizing I just spent $77 on 2 items I went to Target for some bargain shopping. I saw these shoes and instantly knew they were going to be my new favorite summer wedges.

They were only $24!!! I like them because I can wear them to work with out feeling like they are too high. Plus it's made out of material so it's soft on my feet. Now it just needs to be spring/summer so I can wear them!

Have a happy week!



  1. Those shoes are too cute. They make me so anxious and excited for spring to get here so I can put on some wedges already!!!
    And I've heard really good things about that foundation from a friend so tell us how you like it!

  2. I almost have those exact same shoes! I got them last year from Steve Madden...but more than $24. So you got a steal bc they are so adorable!

  3. LOVE those shoes! i really want to find some of them for summer!