Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This Valentine's Day was a great was a lot of fun. In January I started helping out at a Pre-School that Sean's mom works at. It has been a lot of fun and the kids are so sweet. For kids Valentine's day is all about the cards, candy, and friends. They were so excited for the holiday that I decided to do something special for them! (And of course this was a Pinterest inspired project)

I made heart shaped crayon's for all the kids, and let me tell you...they loved these things, even the parents came up to me saying how cute they were and how kind it was to make these.

I made 28 crayon's and used about 40+ crayons. Here's how they turned out!

 The Crayons .97 cents at Target
 The Trays $2.50 at Target
 All chopped up!
 Getting ready to go in the oven! Baked at 230 degrees for about 10 minutes. The recipe called for 15 minutes but if you leave them in too long all the colors start to mesh together.
The finished product!!!

After pre-school I rushed home to get ready to go out to dinner with my Valentine! Sean and I went to a Greek Resturant in Santna Row called Thea. OMG!! This place is sooo delicious. We have been there once before and the food was so good that it litterly was the best dinner I have ever had in my life. Yes, it was THAT good.

(The resturant)

We started out with some appitizers. We got Tatziki sauce with pita bread and some Dolmathes. For our entries I got Chicken Souvlaki and Sean got a Rack of Lamb. We were sooo full afterwards we had to get our dessert to go. If I could eat there everyday I would!

We had a pretty low-key night, we were both exhaused from our work days but all in all it was a great Valentine's Day <3


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  2. OMG the little hearts are too cute!!! What a great idea.

    I've awarded you the Liebster blog award! Check out my blog post for details! :)