Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11

I'm back!! The new year has been so crazy busy with some great opportunities coming up. I'm so excited! I'll blog about it once everything comes together :)

BUT..........Another reason I am excited is because AMERICAN IDOL started tonight! I'm no singer...possibly maybe one of the worst singers alive but it I love to watch!

Anyone else obsessed with this show?

Tonight's show was great. There is more and more talent every year. What makes the show even better are the judges. Steven Tyler cracks me up. My mom and I always joke and say that he looks like a male version of Janis Dickinson. LOL! Jennifer Lopez is honest and I love Randy's humor. I can't wait to see what the rest of season has to bring!

There were 2 people who really caught my eye.

This is Ashlee Altise who was doing a dance called the "Joy hopper" came into the audition room and seemed just kind of like one of those "I don't care" kinda attitude. My mom and I were both like....this girl is going to suck. Well were we so wrong, this girl can SING! I can't wait to hear her sing again in Hollywood.

 Then there was this guy.. Phillip Phillips. Must I not say anymore if you watched the show? He was awesome! He took Michael Jackson's Thriller song and made it into a pop/rock song. He was such an amazing voice..I think my mom is already set that he is going to be the winner, but we will see.

It all starts again tomorrow night at 8! We already have it set to record on our DVR. :)

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  1. i haven't watched the first night yet (on the DVR in my bedroom) but catching up on the second night!!!