Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Beginnings and Sweet Confessions first give away!

Like I have mentioned in previous posts about change coming and craziness going on I am so happy to say that I have come up on an amazing opportunity to move to a new salon! It is a beautiful busy salon that is directly across the street from my current salon!

I will be making more money and will be getting tons on walk-in's. I'm so excited. As of this coming Thursday I will officially be a team member of Salon Murcel! This really is a great chance for me to grow my business. I've been really focused on ways to get more clients, this weekend I finally made a Facebook Page!
There are also some pictures of my work. Check it out :)

*Favorite Product Of The Week*

This week my favorite product is Shine Define by Sebastian

-Do you like to curl your hair?
- Do you like shiny soft curls?
- Does your hair not hold a curl?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions you need to invest in this product. My hair sucks at holding a curl, so much that I use a 1 inch barrel to get big sexy beach waves. When I use this product my curls don't go anywhere.
This is a wet hairspray/shine spray/thermal protector all in ONE. I part my hair in sections and spray on a 1 inch section of hair then curl the section and YAYYY!! I have a beautifully defined shiny curl! 

This is a great product for fine hair. Don't over use this product as it is very sticky so after I spray it I comb it through to distribute the product as well as to break it up.

Shine Define Hairspray  by Sebastian is about $18

*Sweet Confessions Giveaway!*

Sweet Shelby is doing her first giveaway for a blog interview via-email and will post on her blog for all of her followers to see!

Her blog is adorable! Check it out you won't be dissapointed!